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ASI Online provides skin care, health and wellness education free of product, equipment and manufacturer bias. Over thirty years of both international and domestic education experience went into the development of each and every module.

The understanding and knowledge of the skin is beyond what one can imagine. 


Of aging is the result of UV exposure


Cells in one inch of Skin


Of aging is the result of UV exposure

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ASI Online is not a licensing program. These courses are designed for learners looking to advanced their knowledge, perfect their skill, obtain necessary CEU’s for licensure and to provide sales individuals with critical knowledge to make expert product recommendations.
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Why Advance Your Knowledge with ASI Online?

As the profession constantly changes there are many things that remain the same. It is the core foundation of skin care knowledge that never changes and acts as the critical basis in which to build all other knowledge upon.
The physiology of the skin, skin conditions, functions of categorical ingredients and the impact of electricity and equipment on the skin; are some of the few topics that remain to be the blocks in which to build and advance the knowledge and expertise of a successful skin care professional.
Whether a seasoned professional with years of experience, a new practitioner, an educator or a sales representative; the more knowledge you have about the skin, the way it functions, its’ various conditions and influencing factors... the more you will advance and flourish in an everchanging world of health and beauty.
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