The objective of ASI Online is to provide solid education that is not connected to any particular product or equipment.

ASI Online was developed by Michelle Brenner, a thirty year veteran in the Beauty Industry, a twenty year international educator and over twenty year owner of one of the top esthetics schools in the United States. Her experience further encompasses authoring two industry textbooks as well as over fifty articles.
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“I never believed in pushing a particular skin care brand regardless of what I personally loved. As an educator I have always believed that if you thoroughly understood the skin as well as skin care ingredients...then you could make any product recommendations... for every and any skin type”.

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About Single Course

Knowledge is power and is the source for all success.

Never stop growing
Never stop succeeding.
Never stop learning.

Each module is designed to take a participant on a journey of information that builds on an understanding of knowledge that can be understood and applied to multiple aspects of the skin care, health and wellness profession.

Each module contains knowledge check applications, the ability to stop and back up at any time, quizzes upon completion and a Certificate of Completion with a 70% passing score of the final quiz. Each Certificate of Completion also contains hours required for completion for needed continuing education credits.